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UAE is making rapid changes regarding visa and tax procedures in the corporate sector since last year. This amendment process is still in progress in the year 2023. New policies have been introduced by the Government of UAE, some of them have been implemented and many are still to be soon in this coming year. The sole reason for these changes in laws is to increase the investment rate and boost the economy of the UAE.  Along with many modifications, the regulating bodies of UAE have launched the “Golden Visa”, a step ahead of the “Green Visa”. This valuable step is taken keeping in view the ease for investors and attracting the entrepreneurs so the sponsors can make a long-term investment plan in Dubai. This means it’s “Time to switch from green to golden visa” for investors to have a lasting stay in UAE.

What is Golden Visa?

This is a great opportunity for foreigners, investors, and skilled individuals to stay, work and study in the United Arab Emirates. An initiative to hold a 5 or 10-year visa is an attraction for new foreign residents with an easy and comfortable environment in UAE.

Benefits of the UAE Golden visa:

The golden visa program is a must-have for people who want to stay in Dubai along with their family in the long run as it is providing the following perks to those who want to invest in UAE:

  • Extended visa validity for 5 or 10 years.
  • Self-sponsorship.
  • Fully owned business in UAE mainland.
  • Opportunity to sponsor your family.
  • Permission to exit and enter UAE multiple times.
  • Staying outside the UAE does not invalidate the golden residence.
  • In case of a Golden visa holder’s death, the family members are allowed to stay in UAE as long as they have residence permits.

Coming to the point of who is eligible to apply for a Golden Visa and how to get it, there is a list of eligible candidates mentioned.

Eligibility Criteria to Fit in Golden Visa list:

Golden Visa is a golden opportunity who every individual who lies in this category and meets the eligibility criteria:

  • Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  • Inventors and extraordinarily talented individuals.
  • Skilled professionals and scientists
  • graduates and outstanding students
  • Charity founders and frontline leads.

How to Apply for the UAE Golden Visa:

There are two ways to apply for a golden visa. The first one is to visit the GDFRA Centre and the other way is to get through UAE online visa services for foreigners. In both ways, you have several steps to follow:

Steps to apply for a golden visa offline/ visiting the office in person:

Eligible Candidates can apply for a golden visa using the following manual steps:

Step 1: Visit one of the service offices of the GDFRA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) Centres.

Step 2: Select the category for Investment and fulfill the application form.

Step 3: Submit the mandatory documents to the facilitating officer.

Step 4: Pay the fee charges for the visa service.

Step 5: Submit your application form.

Steps to apply for the Golden Visa using the online application system:


Meeting the eligibility, one can apply for the Golden Visa by logging into ICA official website or using the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Online    Application System. Here are the series of steps to be followed:

Step 1: Install the GDRFA-Dubai application through the verified smart stores. Apple store or Play store.

Step 2:  Register a new user account (in case of no user account).

Step 3:  Now choose your service category. At this step, you are required to choose the category that best describes your reason to stay in UAE.

Step 4:  You are required to attach the required documents asked in the application form.

STEP 5 –Deposit the fee in any mentioned bank and attach the deposited fee slip along with documents.

STEP 6 – Submit the application request and the process is good to go.

To get the candidate updated with the visa approval process, they will receive notifications as well as text messages.

Online applicants will receive emails or text messages to update them on the status of their applications. They also get informed in case there is some missing document that needs to be submitted within 30 days.



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