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 Dubai is a wonderland with world-class infrastructure and a modern lifestyle. Among the world’s best destinations, Dubai is top-ranked for its booming economy and numerous opportunities for foreigners and locals. Being an entrepreneur, if you are planning to take your business or expand you’re your company in some other country to experience a different culture and market, Dubai is the right place for you. In this article, we will discuss in detail all of the ins and outs of what it’s like to live in Dubai when moving from Germany.

 Why you should move from Germany to Dubai?

Dubai is always been welcoming towards ex-pats and offers a wealth of job opportunities in many fields whether trade, healthcare, real estate, finance, technology, or hospitality. Many industrial giants are based in Dubai that hires residents and foreigner every other day. Dubai’s tax regime and strategic location have made it even more lucrative for investors as companies can easily access international markets across the Middle East and Africa.


Benefits of moving from Germany to Dubai:  

Although, Dubai is a thousand miles away from Germany still its luxury lifestyle and easy process of setting up a business have attracted estimated 15000 Germans and this count is still increasing:

  1. Dubai offers business-friendly tax policies in the corporate sector.
  2. Dubai provides access to the international Market.
  3. Dubai presents a quick and easy company registration process.
  4. Dubai ensures a quality lifestyle with all the luxuries.
  5. Dubai provides the opportunity to interact with multi-cultured people from all over the world.
  6. Dubai’s modest to warm climate for more than half of the year is a blessing for Germans as they are only exposed to cold temperatures in Europe.


What things do you know before moving out to Dubai?

Moving from one country to another can be quite stressful and requires a lot of planning and preparation. If you are moving from Germany to Dubai, plan everything carefully to ensure a stress-free transition. The most important things you need to know for smooth processing are given below:

1)Go for thorough research before planning for Dubai, as the cost of living is more in Dubai than in Germany so it can be heavy on your pocket.
2)You must know all the three main zones of Dubai and which one is preferable for investment being a foreigner. Usually, free zones are suitable for foreign entrepreneurs as there are fewer restrictions and more incentives in free zones.
3)You must know your visa type, as it can be a critical step while moving to Dubai Whether you need an employment visa, work visa, or business visa based on your requirement.
4)There is a drastic temperature change while moving from Germany to Dubai. You need to prepare yourself for it as it can have severe effects on your health.
5)Traffic is a big hassle in Dubai as getting stuck in traffic for hours is normal and passenger prefer to use public transport during peak traffic hours.

Step-by-step guidelines to move Dubai:
Setting up a company or moving to Dubai is easy for German passport holders if they have all the supporting documents and a solid business plan.
Step 1: Plan and finalize your arrangements:
Moving internationally requires a lot of mind-making and preparation, and it is important to start planning and sorting your items early to avoid last-minute stress. Make a list of everything you will need to do before moving including arranging visas, packing your belongings, shipment arrangements, and hiring service providers.
Step 2: Find a suitable location:
Dubai has three business formation zones that have their own set of rules. It depends on you if you opt for Dubai mainland, you need to partner up with some Local Dubai residents otherwise free zones give you 100% ownership of your location.
Step 3: Prepare the documents:
After deciding on a business, prepare the essential paperwork. Consult with the UAE embassy in Germany for guidance on the obligatory documents.

  • Shareholder and director passports and ID card copies.
  • Proof of address/tenancy contract and co-worker contract.
  • Minimum 3 months’ bank income statement
  • Educational documents (if applicable)
  • Certificate of funds deposit (if required)

Step 4: Apply for a Business license:

 After gathering all the necessary documents, you are required to apply for a business license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Based you the Zone you decided, rules may comply accordingly, this process of approval takes at least 1 week.
Step 5: Bank Account Opening:

Once you obtain a license from DED you can open your business bank account to perform business activities through this bank in Dubai. You will not be having any issue in finding the right bank as Dubai has many options and have branches of all the famous international banks in it.
Step 6: Visa requirement:

You can apply for the visa based on your requirements, if you are hired by an employer, you apply for an employment visa but if you take your business to Dubai then you go for a Golden Visa that includes a residential visa for 10 years based on your investment plan. Unlike other visas, a golden visa allows you to stay in Dubai without needing a local sponsor. For a long-term stay in Dubai, this is the best option.

How KWSME helps you: Moving from Germany to Dubai is an exciting journey if you have proper guidance and documents for seamless migration. With KWSME’s proper assistance and legal paperwork expats easily move to Dubai. Follow our service consultant guidelines to guarantee a successful move in Dubai.

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