Manpower recruitment agency in Dubai.

Dubai is a multi-cultured region and allows people from all over the world to work and grow their businesses in the world’s best market place This welcoming nature of UAE for talented people urges businessmen to set up their branches or office in this advanced business hub. Setting up a business is a lucrative idea in Dubai as it never fails due to government support programs, tax rates and everyday increasing population but as the company grows, high-level management needs to hire more people to meet the business demands. Knowing the fact that an entrepreneur cannot always jack of all, so sometimes having innovative business ideas, marketing strategies, and technological systems but lacking the right manpower and skills, you cannot grow your business. A manpower recruitment agency is key to success especially when a boss is lacking in hiring the right person for the right job position from the queue of foreign nationals for the same post, here comes the role of the recruiting company. If you can match the title role with the talent, you have the fantastic opportunity to start a recruitment agency in Dubai.

Man Power recruitment agency in Dubai:

Starting a manpower company in Dubai demands complete research, planning, and execution of the ideas. You need a professional team to build strategies and maintain up to date database of job seekers if you want to establish a successful recruiting agency in Dubai. This business requires any one of the below-mentioned licenses to establish a legally authorized recruitment agency in Dubai.

Two required licenses to Start a recruiting agency in Dubai:

To start a Manpower recruitment agency in Dubai, you will need two types of business licenses:

  1. Brokerage Licence

Business companies that play the facilitating role between the UAE and foreign nationals or foreign corporations need a brokerage license. It involves:

  • Processing of UAE and foreign national employment applications
  • Hire manpower for the requesting companies either from the UAE or foreign countries.
  • Updated database of jobs currently available in different companies.
  • Maintain a high-priority list of potential employees and employers.
  1. Temporary Recruitment License

A temporary recruitment agency license is required for the companies that are responsible for the creation of a candidate list, interviewing them, and shortlisting the best ones amongst that selected candidate list. This company acts as a third party to recruit employees within and outside of the UAE.


Steps to Setup Manpower Recruitment Agency in Dubai :

For setting up a recruitment agency in Dubai, according to current laws only UAE nationals can apply. It means if you are planning for a recruiting company, you need to partner up with some UAE nationals or you can apply for a license in free zones as a foreign entity.


Step 1: Plan your Business Activities:

The first step is to conduct a market survey and finalize the business activities and services you are willing to provide as a recruiting agency. Know your business structure and target market. Decide the marketing strategies, team structure, and financial projections at this stage.


Step 2: Understand the Company requirements:

You need to comply with the legal requirements and government policies to establish an authorized company in the UAE. For this purpose, all the necessary information is updated on the website of DED regarding company registration and licensing.


Step 3: Fill out an Application form :

Aftering knowing the pre-requirements of company licensing, you must fill out the application form as an applicant and provide authentic information and submit this application form at  DED for investigation and approval.


Step 4: Necessary Documents:

The following documents are required at the time of applying for a license to the DED.

  • Passports of the company shareholders.
  • National IDs copy.
  • Code of Ethics statement
  • Copy of company trade name
  • Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association, if required
  • Written proof of company formation.
  • Blueprint of the company’s location.

Step 5: License Approval

On submitting the documents, you get a company registration license approved by DED, which means you are good to go and start operating business activities in UAE. This license gets renewed on yearly basis.


Step 6: Issuance of Labor Card:

Once the license is approved, the next step is the issuance of a labor card and establishment card from the Ministry of Labor.


Step 7: Employee Registration:

This card will allow you to register your UAE national employees with the Ministry of Labor. For the security of employees as per laws, you need to register employees at GAPSS: General Authority for Pension and Social Security.


To fulfill the legal requirements and follow ethical practices, assistance is required. At KWSME, we help you in building a reputable manpower recruiting agency in the commercial premises with an experienced team and all proofs with the documentation to run a smooth and top-notch recruiting agency in Dubai.




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