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Dubai’s infrastructure is highly suitable for entrepreneurs to start up their businesses in the Middle East. The government has imposed limited trade restrictions and clear policies in structuring a business whether mainland or free zone.  Investors worldwide get fascinated by Dubai for its highly profitable global market and Dubai’s best relations with all the countries. If you enter Dubai with limited capital, don’t worry about it, here you get multiple options and residents would happily invest in your business plan. Upon getting your business licensed, you can easily get a residency visa as well. That is how you can make a successful trading career in Dubai.  

Trade license in Dubai:

The government of Dubai is continuously taking measures to smooth the process of obtaining a business license. This responsibility is handed over to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai to conduct the registration of new businesses. They register your business by asking you to provide the set of documents supporting your business. It means you need to refer to the regularity authorities in the DED to obtain the trade license in Dubai.


Instant Trade License in Dubai:

To make the registration process even easier, DED has recently taken a new initiative of attaining the Dubai trade license fastest. This process is named Instant Trade License in Dubai. The main focus of this initiative is to invite foreign stakeholders and brands hence ending up in boosting the economy of the UAE. It offers business entities to obtain a professional or commercial trade license in no time. Instant trade licenses provide the following benefits:


 No requirement for a physical office.

 Trade name registration is not compulsory for the first year.

5 min process to obtain an instant trade license.   

 Above mentioned documents can be submitted during trade license renewal.

How to Get Instant Trade License in Dubai?

There are two ways to get an instant trade license in Dubai. The application for the trade license can be submitted by:

  1. Using an E-channel online portal.
  2. Visiting service center.

Above mentioned both procedures are extremely easy and quick. Before applying for the license, the following requirements and criteria must be fulfilled so the application Submission will be considered valid:

  1.  Company name
  2. Business activities
  3. Shareholders and owners
  4. Commercial registry

 Steps for instant Trade license:

Step 1: First of all, select your business Industry. Make sure that your business activities lie in the relevant category. Only then your projected business activities will be approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Step 2: Choose your company name. This step can be performed later in case of an instant license or to get a trading name quickly, our consultant company can suggest you the best suitable company names in Dubai. The name should also be under the DED guidelines.

Step 3: The last step is the submission of the application. This can be done either online via an e-channel portal or by visiting a service/facility center.

Documents Required for an Instant Trade License in Dubai:

One of the major benefits of attaining an instant license is the minimum documentation required to get the process done.

  1. Passport copies of company shareholders.
  2. A residence visa copy in case you are a resident.
  3. Complete application form

Applying remotely for an instant trade License requires:

 If you decided to apply through the online portal, you just need an Emirate ID to generate an online account and submit the asked information in the form of an application.

The instant trade license in Dubai costs very minimum charges as it does not include rental charges for office space. It should be clear in mind that the Instant License is presented for businesses conducting activities physically or remotely that do not require external approvals.

Isn’t it a speedy process? and license can be attained in less than 5minutes online, but if you are new to Dubai and unaware of the business rules and government policies, this can be challenging to go for a business start-up without any guidance, Here comes KWSME, we transform your risks into profits. Our specialists and advisory Consultants have years of experience with company formation in Dubai. They can help you obtain an instant trade license and start your business in Dubai without any setbacks.