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  • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is known as International Financial Free Zone that is governed by three regularity authorities namely
    1. Registration Authority (RA)
    2. Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)
    3. ADGM Courts
    These three independent establishments make it one of the most trusted and favorite financial centers in the region. Scheming of the SPV regime at ADGM is simple, flexible, and efficient against the leading options around the world.
    Setting up SPV Company has many benefits for business owners and shareholders in UAE. SPV stands for Special Purpose Vehicle and serves as a special type of holding company to provide multiple advantages to businesses operating in UAE. One of the major purposes of SPV is to isolate the financial assets, optimize the holding structure, limit the risk of financial loss so that in case the parent company gets bank corrupt, it won’t affect the subsidiary company, and many more. It is the most reliable and dynamic framework that can take your business to the next level.
  • Benefits of setting up SPV Company:
    Starting an SPV company has numerous benefits for business owners in UAE:
    Tax Residency Certificate:
    All the registered entities under ADGM are eligible to benefit from the UAE tax treaty network by applying for a tax residency certificate from FTA. All you need is to meet the eligibility criteria set out by FTA.
     Migration and extension acceptance:
    ADGM allows for the transfer and re-domicile of companies from other jurisdictions to ADGM.
    Requirement of registered office Address:
    ADGM let the agent or service provider manage SPV and provide registered office addresses to the entities.

SPV shareholder requirement:
Minimum requirement of at least 1 director and 1 shareholder.
Zero attestation:
No attestation is required on corporate documents.
Ownership Nationality:
No restriction on the nationality of ownership.

How to set up SPV in ADGM:
There are four steps to set up SPV

 in ADGM. Before mentioning those four steps, one should know that the entire ADGM SPV payments and application process is a fully digital registration procedure and can be submitted only by online registry solutions ADGM Portal. The following are the steps mentioned:
1.Create a Profile:
First of all, you need to create a profile and prepare the documentation needed for an online application process.

2.Submit Application:
Complete the application form and attach all the required /mentioned documentation via an online registry solution .upon successful completion of an application, you are required to pay the application fee using Visa or Master card.

3. Notification:
Once an application is submitted, its status can be viewed on the online dashboard of the ADGM online registry portal. You will be informed of application changes if any via e-mail. Final notification of approval will be sent with the registrar’s consent.

4. Issuance of license:
On successful completion of all the above-mentioned steps, you will be issued an SPV license via email in soft copy or you can ask to collect original documents by making an online appointment to the physical office of ADGM.

Documents required to Setup SPV Company in ADGM:

  • Article of Association (AOA).
  • Copy or lease agreement of registered office address.
  • Resolution of Board of Directors or Shareholder resolution.
  • Passport copy of each authorized signatory, shareholder, director, and beneficiary.
  • Emirates ID for UAE national authorized signatory.
  • Certificate of registration /incorporation for each shareholder, and director that is a body corporate.


Why you Choose KWSME:

Setting up SPV Company seems tough and a problematical process to follow up with different regularity authorities. Here comes the role of KWSME, you can trust our services and support team specialists. Handling your business details to set up SPV Company saves your cost and time and helps you get the best business solution most efficiently and effectively. So to avail ADGM Special Purpose Vehicle company benefits or any other legal business structure, Contact us.


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