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Auditing & Accounting Services in Dubai

Company audit is among st the key areas that demand comprehensive industry experience and particular skill set. When it comes to your company’s audit, you cannot take things lightly.

We have the knowledge and experience that is required to execute a proper audit in order to build a correct assessment for each and every operation of your business.


line Auditing Accounting 

Auditing Services which we provide 


External Audit

Our financial experts and auditors evaluate and assess your company’s external processes so as to prepare a thorough analysis report which will help you understand the current situation of your company/business.


Internal Audit & Internal financial Controls

Evaluating and managing risk is an everyday task that needs to be met straight-on. Your financials are your most sensitive information. We help develop & implement a plan that follows a top-down, risk-based approach to identify and manage potential risks. Our internal audit services are prepared to be right-sized to meet the needs of your firm, whether you require assistance for your existing internal audit function, or a turn-key solution.


Forensic audit and fraud risk management

We conduct inquiries for corporate as required by prosecuting authorities in the matters relating to fraud, embezzlement of cash and assets, other financial crimes and commercial disputes.

Our services range from investigation of suspected employee fraud, to the due diligence of 3rd parties to provide protection to your company against misrepresentation of financial information.


Financial Due Diligence

It is highly advisable and prudent to carry out due diligence of a company if you intend to buy or sell it completely or partially, change the ownership structure or in the event of mergers and acquisitions.

We guide you with that assessment process with an easy to follow procedure that promises reliable and trustworthy transaction.


Stock Audits

Stock Audit is a key area of expertise and competence for our company’s audit services. Stocks and physical assets such as raw materials, products, plant and machinery, office equipment, IT systems etc. are valuable assets of your company.

Our team provide stock audit services to companies to help them protect and supervise their physical assets and inventories efficiently. We emphasize on a strict audit and reporting mechanism that makes certain that every feature of stock is evaluated and findings are stated in a transparent manner to levels concerned.

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