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Visa Services in Dubai

Investors from all around the world have found the UAE to be an investment heaven. Business activities and opportunities have brought these investors and business owners to the UAE.

The government of the emirates has been able to develop not only one of the best business policies and regulations in the world but also the most efficient and investor friendly visa policies that have led to the success UAE as a business hub. The rules and regulations made for different kinds of visas have been applied according to the need of the country.

It is not only the government but also the Business Consultants in Dubai like KWS-ME who have made things easier when it comes to obtaining a visa. The experience of our experts provides us with an edge over other consultants. Our experts know the relevant departments inside out, and it is their knowledge that makes our visa services comfortable for our clients.

One of the company formation consultants in Dubai, KWS-ME provides unmatched visa services to its corporate and non-corporate clients in the UAE, specifically the UAE. Our dedicated team of trained professionals is at the highest level of work in order to provide clients with the best visa services in the UAE. It is not something impossible if you have the right experience with the right clients coming to the UAE for a business setup in Dubai.

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Types of visa procurement services offered by KWS ME

KWS-ME offers three types of visa procurement services:

  1. Employment Visas.
  2. Partner Visas.
  3. Family Visas

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Visa Services in Dubai


Employment Visa Procedure in UAE

Employment visa or work visa is a necessity for everyone who wants to live in Dubai, regardless of the type of job they have. Employment visa can only be obtained if the applicant has submitted a valid job offer letter or work contract. Provision of a visa application form is also necessary.

If a person has an employment visa, he or she can go in or out of Dubai at any time he or she likes without any hurdles.


Partner/Investor Visa in Dubai

Only the Immigration Department has the power to issue investor or partner visas to those willing to come for company formation Dubai.

Once company formation Dubai is completed by the investor, he is be given a three year visa which is renewable after it expires.


Family Visa

People who are married can sponsor their spouses for a residence visa in UAE.

However, certain requirements need to be met when applying for a family visa.

  1. The person sponsoring a visa for his family must be making a minimum AED 3,000 to AED 4,000 per month if the company is providing for the accommodation.
  2. The monthly salary of the sponsoring person should be between AED 5,000 and AED 6,000 if he has to arrange accommodation for the family on his own.
  3. If a female is sponsoring visa for her husband, she must be earning a minimum of AED 5,000 and she must be, by profession, a teacher, doctor, an engineer, or equivalent.


Important documents required for employment visa

  1. All applicants have to present an employment contract or a valid job offer letter by any company based In the UAE.
  2. The company that is hiring the visa applicant must make a request for a work visa to the Immigration Department.
  3. All applicants must be cleared medically, have a valid passport, and must be aged between 18 and 60. In some cases, professional concessions can be made to applicants above 60 years of age.
  4. Any applicant carrying HIV, Tuberculosis or Hepatitis C, or certain other infections & viruses is not allowed to enter UAE, so as to maintain health safety for the people in the UAE.

The applicant must get his or her credentials and qualifications attested and authenticated by Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of UAE in the home country of the applicant or the country of origin.

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