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Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)

One way used by the authorities to create a first class business environment throughout the UAE is to involve international businesses. This was done through the establishment of different free zones that allowed foreign companies to take the opportunities that were up for grabs.

Dubai Airport Free zone, just like all other free zones of Dubai, was established in order to promote the growth of business and economy in Dubai. The free zone was established in order to attract investments from local as well as foreign investors and international companies. The free zone is said to provide businessmen and investors with an environment where they can business tasks freely and business activities can be performed without too many restrictions.

The Dubai Airport Free zone has been able to achieve its objectives by attracting some of the most famous companies from around the world. Over 1600 companies from different industries are operating within the premises of the Dubai Airport Free zone.


Why Dubai Airport Free Zone for business

Free zones in the UAE were established with a view to provide incentives to businesses which were not being provided in other countries. This would eventually have made UAE, particularly Dubai, the center of attention for the business community around the world and it did.

Dubai is home to thousands of businesses which have been able to grab the opportunities in the market. This means that there are millions of visitors that land on the Dubai Airport strip and all these visitors, mainly from the business community, are always looking for investment and growth opportunities. The airport free zone allows them to be close to these opportunities since it is not a building or two but a whole free zone with thousands of Airport free zone companies waiting for these passengers and visitors to show their interest in the products and services being offered.

Proximity to millions of potential customers every year provides a whole market that the products and services can be offered too if you are operating your business in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.

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Dubai Airport Free Zone Facilities


Services offered in DAFZA Free Zone

World class facilities are provided to Airport free zone companies operating in DAFZA Free zone. These facilities are related to business activities and they include business lounges, halls, meeting rooms, car rentals and many other similar provisions that allow the businessmen to have a first class experience while they negotiate with their clients or work on innovative ideas.


Office facilities

Offices are provided to businesses whether they require a pre-designed space or one which is customized according to the businesses’ requirements. These furnished office spaces are fully equipped with the requirements of the businesses. All of these offices are available on a one year lease which can be renewed. You can setup a business and obtain a business license if you have a minimum of 25 Square meters of office space.


Light Industrial Units

These units allow businesses to have warehousing, storing, distributing and manufacturing on a small scale. These units are pre-designed facilities and come with separate offices. The environment in these industrial units has been made worker friendly. The airport is nearby which makes logistics movement easier for these units. These industrial units are also available on a one year renewable lease.


Other facilities

Other services that are provided by DAFZA are food cafes, catering facility, medical facilities and equipment for visuals and graphics that are required in meetings and presentations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The relevant authorities of Dubai have not only provided DAFZA as a physical platform for growth of business but has also arranged for it through policies and regulations that are being implemented in the zone.

Here are some of the advantages of having a business setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

  • Local sponsor requirement is waived off for all businesses.
  • Earnings are repatriated without investigation.
  • Taxes of any kind are not levied on businesses in DAFZA.
  • The use of any currency by the business is allowed.
  • Premium airport and logistic facilities are available to the businesses.

  • Free zone Business Entity

Free zone business setup in Dubai can be owned by a single person as well as a number of partners with a cap on 50 partners.

  • Branch Office Business Step up

Representative branches of a foreign business can be opened up in the Dubai airport free zone.

  • Trading License

It allows you to get involved in a number of business activities like storing, selling, distributing and activities related to exports and imports. The trade license is renewed annually for a fee of AED 15,000.

  • Professional or Service License

When it comes to fees and charges, Service license is not any different to a trade license; however, a service license allows a company to provide specialized services to its clients.

  • Industrial License

As suggested by the name, an industrial license allows a firm to indulge in industrial and manufacturing activities.


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