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Let’s Setup Business in Dubai – UAE

Dubai is considered the world’s most lucrative marketplace for business setups. It is ranked 1st regionally and 15th globally on the comfort of doing business. Dubai offers a highly favorable environment for business making it home to more than 200 nationalities. Providing excellent infrastructural facilities coupled with professional assistance and customized services gives Dubai an edge over other countries. Dubai is known for its extraordinary feasibility plan of investment for foreigners. Business consultants in Dubai offer their services and help to make the business formation process easier for investors.

Establishing a business in UAE is not an easy feat. Entrepreneurs across the world are greeted by the Government of UAE for their start-ups, established companies for their business expansion, and small businesses for their growth. Although, Government extends the flexibility to do business anywhere in the country with their choices of locations still there is confusion for the investors about which land to choose and how effectively, they can make their place in Dubai's competitive marketplace. At this stage, investors get into trouble, and they need to turn to experts and business setup consultants in Dubai. There are several companies established in UAE that offers their services to entrepreneurs but that is not enough, business establishment process is easy only if the problem handlers are proactive towards finding the best solutions and having a trusted name in the market, otherwise, one wrong decision can lead to the cancellation of business license. Therefore, careful business assistance is needed to register a company. You must know the best business setup consultants in Dubai. A reliable name, having professional experts under one roof that can provide you best suitable business setup assistance in a cost-effective and specialized way.

Business setup consultants can be key to the successful execution of a business model in a foreign region as they have been working in this sector over time and have the knowledge and expertise to handle all the lengthy procedures and overcome the hindrances along the way. There are many hurdles, an investor is unfamiliar with, from the selection of land to the suitable location for office, the registration process of a company, legal formalities, and paperwork, trademark registration to licensing issuance. Hiring business setup consultants in Dubai can save you plenty of time and help you focus on your business core demands to meet the market needs.

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Classification of Businesses in Dubai

There are three types Classification of Business in Dubai that investors can choose from



Mainland Company Formation

Fast & Reliable solution to setup a mainland company in UAE. Our top consultants make the process as smooth as possible for you.

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Freezone Company Foundation

Make most of Tax-Free economy by setting up a company in UAE Freezone with 100% Foreign Ownership.


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Offshore Company Foundation

UAE welcomes international entrepreneurs and corporations to establish their offshore presence in UAE and reap the benefits of this Tax-Free economy.

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Best business setup consultant in Dubai

To make this procedure happy-go-lucky, we at KWSME aim to provide the finest business setup services to our clients. Established in 2010, we are ranked the top business consultants in Dubai, UAE. We present far-reaching business setup strategies along with support services to all our clients, whether SMEs, international firms, or entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in Dubai. Our business intelligence consultants can be instrumental in shaping the structure of your business. They assist you with their decision-making skills and help expedite the company formation process.

We guarantee you the best professional business consultants in Dubai that can identify the best suitable business plans for you. Our highly skilled team is the top business setup consultant in Dubai due to its dedication to ensuring cost-effective business setup solutions for entrepreneurs. We guide our business aspirants in the selection of the most appropriate form of jurisdiction by executing all the legal procedures for setting up a business in Dubai. Our core services include:


Formation of companies in Mainland Dubai, Free zones, and offshore companies.

Providing business formation solutions under one umbrella as the best business setup consultant’s in Dubai, our professionals know how to
eliminate business obstacles and lay the foundation of a company formation in UAE so that you can focus wholeheartedly on your business
needs while we dig deep into your company formation process. Our support team guides you on each step, and how smartly you choose the
best business location whether you are looking for company formation in Dubai Mainland, Free Zones, or to set up an Offshore Company.


Registration of business start-ups in Dubai

Although Dubai is considered the most profitable business place in the world, for entrepreneurs to start their business with its attractive business opportunities and relaxation yet there is some fundamental set of documents required for all start-ups. Our highly professional business consultants in Dubai help you save your time in completing of these procedures and submitting your documents to government authorities on your behalf. You pay full attention to your business model and techniques under the supervision and assistance of our trained business setup consultant in Dubai. Upon hiring us, we perform the following sequence of steps for the registration of your business.

  • ◙ Selection of Business type, the category where your business falls in.
  • ◙ Choosing a name for your company and your logo. Sometimes upon investor demand, our business consultant in Abu Dhabi, suggests a name for your company from the list of our selected names in the chosen category. It saves investor time and effort.
  • ◙ Based on whether your business is going to be a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship, or any other, we decide legal form for your company. For legal assistance, we have a proactive and well-trained business intelligence consultant team of experts having insight into the legalities and direct access to government departments
  • ◙ Getting NOC from DED (department of economic development) as initial approval or permission towards acquiring a business license.
  • ◙ Depending on your business, if you are required to have a partnership with a local sponsor, a lease agreement is signed between the stakeholders. This cannot be possible without the help of top business setup consultants in Dubai. We find for you the most trustworthy and calm sponsors that are merely concerned with their annual income from the foreign investor according to the profit-sharing ratio and formally agreed upon the terms and conditions in the contract.
  • ◙ Finalizing the office for your business is an important step. Our Business consultants in the Abu Dhabi office help you to show the physical existence of the land before the issuance of the trade license, as the rental agreement signed with the building owner has to be attached to the approval documents required by the regulatory authority of the real state department.
  • ◙ Once you have the approvals and clearances from all the government departments and regularity authorities and have a trade license in hand, your business setup process is complete in Dubai.


PRO Services In Dubai:

Dubai, a business hub, is known for its luxurious lifestyle and open-ended opportunities. It is considered the most suitable and attractive country for investment in the world. . Investing in a foreign and diversified country like UAE, can be made much simpler by choosing and investing in a profitable sector with the proper guidance of business consultants in Dubai. Looking at incentives provided to the investors on the Ease of Doing Business, its infrastructure, and facilities, many foreign entities from multi-cultured environments preferred to live here and enjoy the standard necessitates of life. To engage the investors, Dubai has made its company formation process smooth and straightforward. Along with coming up with the easy-to-go registration services by KWSME, the best business setup consultants in Dubai, we also offer PRO services.

  • ◙ License amendment & renewals.
  • ◙ Investment visa services, Employment visa services, business visa services, and dependent visa services.
  • ◙ Labour contracts, and procurement of outbound visas in UAE.
  • ◙ Services related to clearances and getting approvals of documents from Government bodies like the Department of Economic Development (DED), Immigration Department, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labour, Foreign Affairs, etc.


Business Support Service:

Being the top business consultants in Dubai ad delivering the best consultancy services to our privileged clients is not only our focus but rendering them the best quality support and assistance at each step and staying in touch with them till the completion of company formation is our priority. Our business intelligent consultants provide their support throughout the business formation process and remain available for their queries twenty-four hours a day. Our business support services include:

  • ◙ Fast-tracking the process of employment visas, investor visas, and family visas.
  • ◙ Arrangement of prompt VIP medical test, to get the visa.
  • ◙ Certificate and contract translation services.
  • ◙ Providing fast-paced services to receive, renew, and cancellation of visas.
  • ◙ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) & Bank Related guidance.
  • ◙ Yearly renewal license of the company/business.
  • ◙ Immigration Services and Legal translation.
  • ◙ Confidential documents attestation service.
  • ◙ Services of acquiring, changing, or renewal of labor or immigration cards

Business Growth:

When an Entrepreneur sets foot in a competitive market environment, it is really hard to know, which measures should he takes, to become the best in the list of top business tycoons. Although fulfilling the administrative and technical aspects of setting up a business in Dubai may seem complex and unsettling, it is in fact very simple with KWSME.

Our team proved to be the top business setup consultants in Dubai because of our unmatched background knowledge and expertise in growing a business. Expanding and nourishing a new setup always requires time, a dedicated workforce, risk management, and the best business models as one poor decision can take you far behind your competitors. We, at KWSME, hire business intelligence consultants to take special measures to grow your business and turns your risk into profit by assisting you with the factors responsible for the growth of any organization


Marketing analysis:

Our background knowledge in multi-sector prospection gives us extensive experience in analyzing the marketing needs of businesses and setting the best marketing strategies for our clients and offering flexible solutions. Proven marketing tactics and hassle-free procedures to assist our clients and streamline their operations are offered by our business consultants in Dubai.


Competitor analysis:

Our experts go deep into the history of all the competitive business consultants in Abu Dhabi and come up with game-changing strategies that are unbeatable and beyond compare. They also give tough competition to competitors through the company incorporation process in such a seamless way so that your business rise as a winning enterprise in UAE.


Risk management:

risks can be best catered to by our professional business intelligence consultants by minimizing the useless resources allocated for the business setup in Dubai and by using cost-effective and time-saving approaches to eliminate the risk factors.


Prompt Response:

We are the best advisors and business consultants in Abu Dhabi. We provide a single-window solution to all aspiring start-ups and SMEs. KWSME has always been there to help its clients by delivering prompt assistance and in–time response.


Cost-effective business approach:

Our well-structured business solutions help in reducing the operational costs of our clients. Our business consultants in Dubai help them in improving their revenues, increased efficiency, and optimization of capital through cost-cutting methods.


Investor satisfaction:

At KWSME, we aim to achieve client satisfaction. . Our business intelligence consultants ensure hassle-free business solutions to our clients by listening to their requirements and ideas. We go to their comfort level, so their business requirements can easily be understood and met. We try our level best and dive deep into an eager to be ranked top business setup consultants in Dubai and the best solution providers in town. Assisting our clients with the best of our knowledge and seeing their business grow and flourish, is the fruitful result of our hard work and key to their trust in us

What are the main steps to start a business in a free zone, UAE?

Free zones in UAE, are one of the country’s biggest economic achievers. The first free zone opened here in the 1980s. Motivating numerous entrepreneurs with its exciting offers and un-parallel parks, free zones have advanced the UAE’s business environment. Registration of 60,000 free zone businesses in the UAE in 2021 shows how much popular Dubai free zones are.

The key steps to starting up a business in Dubai free zone are as follow:

  • Determine the type of Business, its category, and activities concerned with jurisdiction.
  • Select a trading name.
    Submit the necessary documents to regulatory authorities.
  • Find the appropriate office space Get DED approval, register your company, and get your issued trade license.
Are free zones businesses allowed to trade in Dubai mainland and internationally?
  • A free zone, a huge land granted for business purposes is governed by their respective authorities. Businesses in the free zone are permitted to trade internationally as well as in their own free zone with other companies, but they are not allowed to trade in Dubai and the UAE mainland without permission granted by their zone jurisdiction.
What is the advantage of Freezone over LLC in Dubai?

Businesses in Dubai mostly choose to either category of investment by themselves, whether mainland or in the free zone. Free zones in Dubai are structured in a way to be seemed most attractive to investors, providing several perks and support for your company. The advantages of a free zone company over a Limited liability company are as follows:

  • Establishing a business for a free zone does not require having a partnership with the national of UAE.
  • It allows 100% foreign ownership of the business.
  • It demands 0% tax on the income.
  • It includes 0% duty on the import and export of goods.
  • Low-cost licenses and availability of visas.
What is the difference between Freezone and offshore business in UAE?

Free Zone business refers to a business registered in any of the free zones in UAE, governed by their respective authorities with their boundaries required physical existence while operating business activities in the UAE. On the other hand, Offshore business only must register their company with an office address without being sanctioned to directly operate their business activities in the UAE.

The difference between a free zone and an offshore company setup is as follows:

  • Freezone companies can have business inside UAE whereas offshore companies do not operate in UAE.
  • Freezone company requires residency visas over a company, while offshore does not need them.
  • It costs more to set up a free zone company whereby an offshore free zone company in Dubai costs less.
How to establish a mainland company with mainland business consultants in UAE?
Staring up a business in the UAE mainland requires an onshore company and it faces no restrictions on its trade. Businesses are allowed to conduct any business activity and can trade anywhere in the United Arab Emirates as well as internationally, with an issuance of a trade license by the DED, permitting them to enjoy all the profitable income with the pay a 5% customs duty on imported goods. Our consultants play a vital role in helping you with all the aspects of business setup on the mainland. We not only offer our services, but we also advise you which logistic service to use and what other options are best for your business on the mainland. This means we can be your partners to grow your business without limits.
What are the documents required to start an offshore business in UAE and how do Offshore business consultants in Dubai assist you?
Offshore companies in UAE are the setup with only company registration and allow you to trade internationally with no physical existence of the company and staying out of the UAE jurisdiction. Offshore businesses can have business and property anywhere in the world including UAE, but it is not permitted to carry out any business operation directly in the UAE. Here, Offshore business consultants play their role as the key components for offshore companies. Although the companies are not located in UAE, their legal process of registration is the same as a free zone company, and they need the assistance of highly professional consultants, who in the absence of an organization itself can register their business with zero errors. Consultants can be found cost-effective because the registration process of offshore companies needs to be quick and cheap due to less setting up costs with no capital to lease an office. Offshore companies do not require a residential visa. Here are the steps to register an offshore company in UAE:
  • Basic information of the offshore company, price quotation with the company order form.
  • Filling back-order forms with copies of required documents.
  • Upon completion of company documents and paperwork, your mandatory signature on the papers and sending via post or in a personal visit to our office.
  • As the required documents are collected, and respective payment is made to open an offshore company account in UAE bank, your company is ready in 3 to 5 days, in the case of express registration it takes 48 hours.
  • The offshore company documents can be sent back via post, or you can collect them by yourself or your authorized representative through our office.
We at KWSME bring you the most cost-efficient solution, as residential visas and office space in UAE are not required. For all those businesses where the activities can carry out outside of the UAE, an offshore company in Dubai is the best solution.
Which Freezone is considered ideal for its low-cost trade license in Dubai?

There are many business activities and license types available for investors across the Free Zones in Dubai. It depends on the investor which free zone he selects for his business. For example, office space, location of a business followed by business activities. For investors looking for are low-cost company setup, Dubai free zone offered the cheapest company license in 2022. As compared to other free zones, IFZA is one of the most cost-effective Free Zone in UAE.

IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) is the low-cost free zone in Dubai. It offers investors world-class infrastructure and low-cost trade licenses. It provides free resident visas along with a Flexi desk opportunity and does not require visas and offers cheap company licenses in Dubai Free Zone.

How do business consultants in Dubai assist you to invest in free zones?
Dubai is known for its diversified marketplace. Entrepreneurs across the world have been granted the freedom to start up a business here. For this purpose, two options are given, mainland company formation or free zone company formation. Under the free zone category, entrepreneurs have several free zone options, now it is up to them which free zone to choose, and which free zone is most suitable for their business and provides them with low-cost and effective policies to establish their business. We at KWSME, with the guidance of our business consultants who are working especially in free zones, can guide you the best and assist you with the support services we provide along with core services. We also offer our PRO services to help your business expand and grow. We care for our new clients and investors, so we give you a complete solution for your start-up and Easy Business Plans.

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