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Banking Advisory Services in Dubai

KWS Middle East has been provides consultancy services to businesses and investors. The consultancy not only provides company registration and business setup services but also provides business support services which are highly valued in the business community in Dubai. With the help of these services, many businesses have been able to streamline their operations and deal with matters of urgency while the experts at the consultancy handled matters such as product and trademark registration.

Our team consists of experts from different fields who, in this organization, have come together to provide customized business support to valued clients using the skill set that they have created by including each person’s ability.


line Company Formation

Types of Advisory Bank Account Services


Account Opening

Opening a bank account in UAE is an easy process with minimum documentation requirements. However, the process to open bank account in UAE might look difficult and time taking for those who have never dealt with such processes in the UAE.

At KWS Middle East, we provide you complete information as to the requirements and documentation that you need to complete to open bank account in Dubai. Experience allows our experts to deal with the process to open bank account in Dubai in a timely manner, while knowledge and continuous work with different clients has left all important information on our experts’ fingertips.


Legal Services

Our position in the market and the nature of our work allows us to interact with people from different backgrounds on topics related to business and company formation. It is for this reason that we can also help you get the best legal services in order for you to be legally covered when it comes to business and trade processes.

The legal services will allow you to run your business without the risk of running into law suits and other legal trouble. Starting a business in Dubai might seem to be challenging with regards to legalities but it is really made simple when we find for you the perfect legal services for.


Home Finance

With the growth of investment in the UAE, the need for home financing has also grown. This is an excellent opportunity for banks to earn profits. We are active in the market, and we keep ourselves updated as to what is being offered in the market.

KWS Middle East can arrange for the best home finance options for you to choose from. We do not provide home financing on our own but use our market research skills to present to you the options that will be most beneficial for you. As we mentioned, our team consists of experts from different fields and this allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of services.


Business Finance

Every business setup in Dubai must have a look at business financing options. They are not too different from home financing options in nature; however, technicalities arise when it comes to the servicing the finances borrowed. We make sure that the best business financing options are presented to you by our expert.

KWS Middle East believes in the accuracy of information and that is where the results come from. Our team works to understand terms of financing and weighs the costs against the benefits before providing you with the best possible option to finance your business.


Business Facilities

A business setup in Dubai is always in need of business facilities that help it streamline its operations and smoothen its processes. Starting a business in Dubai has become easier than it was ever before because business facilities are available to be taken advantage of. They only make life easier for the investors. KWS Middle East makes sure you get the best business facilities.

Our goal is to provide comfortable business setup and running, that is why we only consider options that can really make things easier for you. Arranging for meeting rooms, conferences and official programs is not at all difficult with the options available for you to choose from. Things will be just as you would like them to be.


Trade Facilities

It is really important for businesses in the UAE to make sure they get the right facilities to make business operations and commercial activity easier and less costly for them. Trade facilities include not only the infrastructure required for trade but also the logistics and credit services that help a business perform its routine trade tasks.

KWS Middle East takes pride in having the ability to provide the best options when it comes to trade facilities. The first thing that we arrange for is a trade license, which is our responsibility. Moving ahead, we can discuss the best trade facilities according to the requirements of your business.


Company Empanelment for Retail Products Lending

Company empanelment is helpful when it comes to providing products to the market. It involves a risk as the products are being given on a credit basis however, that is how the channel of distribution works.

KWS Middle East helps you find the best possible way to make sure your risk is not too high and the product reaches the market too. We know receivers of empanelment who can provide you with the distribution facilities that you are looking for with guaranteed results.

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