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Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ)

Dubai has been successful in becoming exactly what it was planned to be. The world class business infrastructure attracted all the top businesses from the world which are now operating successfully in Dubai. The role of free zones in the development of a business city that we call Dubai cannot be undermined either. The strategy of providing investors with business opportunities in these free zones has worked wonders and it is one of the reasons why the city has been able to flourish so quickly.

 One of the many free zones that have had a part to play in the growth of business in Dubai is the Fujairah Free Zone, which is also known as the Fujairah creative city. The access of the businesses in the Dubai free zone to the sea port as well as an international airport is what has made it so important. Businesses require logistics and travel services and those working in the Fujairah Free Zone are at a big advantage due to their proximity to the air and sea port. The infrastructure developed in this Dubai Free Zone is better than all the other zones and this makes it one of the preferred zones for businessmen to have their business setup Dubai in.


Advantages offered by Creative City

Like all other free zones, the Creative City also offers investors and businessmen advantages that they have always been looking for. Demand of free zones has grown only because of the advantages that they have been able to provide businesses with. 

Let’s look at some of the advantages offered to every business setup Dubai by this particular free zone.

  • Company registration process is easy and quick.
  • Immigration and Visa services are offered to the businesses.
  • Predesigned and customized office spaces are available for businesses.
  • A range of licenses is available for companies to choose according to their requirements.
  • Business center can be accessed whenever required.

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Advantages & Features


Types of license in Fujairah Creative City

The Fujairah Creative City has been developed with a plan in mind and that is why policies related to it are different when you compare them to policies of other free zones. Apart from the other licenses, Baby business license, freelancers’ license and commercial license are being offered for companies wanting to operate in this zone.

The first license type, the Baby business license is used by new and small businesses. These small businesses have low setup and operating costs. The second type of license is for freelancers who believe their freedom from a corporate environment is more important than anything. The Freelancer Plan allows you to offer your specialized services to any business or client that requires them.

The third type, commercial business license, has been discussed many a times and it is required by businesses which provide specialized professional services to their clients such as insurance.


Salient features of companies in Fujairah Free Zone

Some of the salient features for companies operating in this free zone are listed below.

  • Investors can fully own the company that they incorporate in the free zone.
  • All infrastructures are fully developed for businesses to use.
  • All earnings can be repatriated to the home country easily.
  • Seaport and airport are very close to free zone.
  • Companies are exempted from paying taxes.
  • Companies involved in importing or exporting are not liable to pay relevant duties.
  • Environment and policies are such that they encourage business growth and development.
  • The environment has been made safe for investment through policies and regulations.

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