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PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Businessmen and investors in Dubai mainland, its free zones, and all across UAE can enjoy the luxury of tailor-made and trustworthy PRO services offered by KWSME. The company stands on the foundations of unmatched customer services for those interested in company registration in Dubai. KWSME has, overtime, developed strategies and skills to guide its clients through the different processes of the business world, while allowing the business owners to deal with the operational side simultaneously.

The experience of the firm has allowed it to streamline its own operations in order to provide its valued clients with unmatched service quality for clients looking for Company registration in Dubai. The firm has used its knowledge to deliver PRO services like medical tests, license amendment & renewals, employment visa services, dependent visa services, labor contracts, business visa services, investment visa services, procurement of outbound visas in UAE, services related to Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration Departments & Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Once you engage KWSME for PRO services, you do not need to indulge into the hassle of documentation and processing because it’s all covered under the consultancy’s PRO services. So, you do not have to face long queues, revisits and attestations. You are going to save a lot of time this way.

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About Our PRO Services in Dubai


What KWS Middle East offer

There are many services that come under the umbrella of PRO Services

  • Notarization and attestation of documents from the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ministry of Justice and other relevant government departments and authorities.
  • Attestation of documents for Chamber of Commerce.
  • Visa services for new employees: procurement, processing, renewals etc.
  • Immigration card & Employee cards.
  • Notarization & attestation services of all sorts in Dubai.
  • Visa services for investors: procurement, processing, renewals etc.
  • Employment visas for all free zones in the UAE.
  • Family and Spouse Visa services: procurement, processing, renewals etc.
  • Trade License Services: registration, renewals, reselling, cancellation etc.
  • Visit visa services: procurement, processing, and extension.
  • Documents processing from the Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce.
  • Mail collection.

These are the services provided by KWS-ME in an effort to make things easier for you. This is a long list and if you get involved in completing these secondary tasks, your core business tasks will face a delay and you cannot afford that. That is why experts at KWS-ME take care of such tasks under the umbrella of PRO services.


Benefits of getting PRO services for business in Dubai

KWS-ME is a firm which has been providing its company formation Dubai services to a number of clients in the UAE. Not only has this provided the firm with experience and knowledge but the officials have been able to develop ways to get things done quickly, as they are well aware of the nitty gritty of all government departments.

  • By partnering with us, your business Setup in Dubai can take advantage of our knowledge and experience to expedite your tasks, not having to compromise on the quality and accuracy of work.
  • Saving time should be one of your priorities, as the business world is fast in the UAE and you cannot afford to waste time on company formation Dubai tasks that are not as important but have to be done any ways. This is where we come in to lend you a hand. Our account managers provide you with work update as to what tasks have been completed and which ones remain to be seen to.
  • We can save your from all the hassle of having to visit different departments and waiting in queues to get your work done. Not only is it a waste of your precious time but you might also have to face bureaucratic holdups that do no good to your business Setup in Dubai.
  • KWS-ME knows all requirements and regulations and handles your paperwork accordingly so as to save time and money. The firm also provides with updates on what documents need renewal as renewals after some time are an important part of the documentation that is already complete.

We work as a growth partner and do everything in order to pursue business growth as a goal. Our PRO experts are dedicated and will be able to provide you with the comfort beyond what you had expected.

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