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Company Formation in Dubai

It is highly important for investors and stakeholders to know the requirements when it comes to incorporating a company it the UAE, particularly Dubai. The reason behind this is that high costs are involved and legal matters need to be clarified so that there is no doubt left as to the limits of business activities.

Experts at KWS ME allow the investors to use the experience and expertise of the consultancy in the market of Dubai and present the business in a manner that is not so common. Processes for company formation in Dubai may be hectic due to the documentation and the approvals of the different government departments.

Whether it is the Dubai free zone or any other sort of business setup, experts at the business consultancy always know how to get the processes wrapped up quickly. Through the support services provided by KWS ME, the investors have an opportunity to take a flying start after their company is incorporated. It is these services through which KWS ME can find serviced offices Dubai for the dear clients.

The growth of businesses in the UAE also signaled the government to provide rules and regulations that can provide ease with which businesses operate.



Types of companies can be incorporated in Dubai

There are three types of business setup Dubai that can be incorporated in Dubai. All three types have different rules and regulations to govern them so that there is no mismanagement of time and resources. To name the three we have Mainland Company, offshore company and also Dubai Free Zone Company that can be incorporated according to the requirements and nature of the business.

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Overview of Company Formation in Dubai


Offshore Company Formation

This type of company is mostly setup so that tax incentives can be taken advantage of by the investors.

The offshore company can be used to manage property and assets. The good thing is that the ownership for the foreigners is 100%.


Onshore/Mainland Company Formation

Mainland company formation in Dubai is most common form of company formation because it provides businessmen with freedom to trade and provides them with better opportunities to grow and expand.

More markets, both local and international, are now available to the investors to invest in. The one little problem is that the local sponsor has to be chosen for this type of company formation.


Free Zone Company Formation

The free zone, although provides 100% foreign ownership of the company formed in it, but doesn’t have the freedom that mainland companies have.


Incorporating a Company in Dubai

It is important for business owners to take a look at the surroundings in Dubai and understand that the business setup Dubai is about taking the opportunity that comes before someone else grabs it. Incorporating a company in Dubai is the best way to grab the chances that come your way.

It is up to you to choose the legal form and the type of company that you want, according to the individual business requirements that you have. KWS ME will be able to help you with whatever situation you face while you are incorporating a company or when the process is complete.


Business Entities in Dubai

There are different types of business entities that can be formed in the UAE. Some common names are Limited Liability Company, Dubai Mainland Company and Branch and representative office.


Branch / Representative Office

  • There are no taxations on branches, 100% ownership is possible and that is a big plus.
  • Import and export taxes are less and a talented pool of labor is comfortable.
  • No income tax is collected from those who have their businesses setup in one of the zones in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The first step is to find a local sponsor to own 51% of the company as per the laws of the UAE.
  2. The name of the business is to be selected and registered by paying a fee for it, as intellectual rights are well-protected in the country.
  3. The business has to have a permanent address where the clients do not have come from too far.
  4. The Memorandum of Association is required for the local sponsor and you to understand the terms of profit sharing that both parties have agreed upon.
  5. When all the documents are complete, the final submission remains with some charges that are to be paid. Once done, it won’t be long before you run your own business.

There are many advantage of incorporating a company in Dubai:

  1. High quality infrastructure is available for use by businesses in Dubai.
  2. Travelling becomes easier due to the speed and cleanliness in the transportation.
  3. Conferences and exhibitions allow you to contact foreigners and inform them about what you are looking for.
  4. Labor is available at lesser rates in Dubai to do a job.
  5. Opportunities to expand trade to the next level.
  6. Serviced offices Dubai are available in the city.

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